Snapt 3: Preloaded With More Mason

Because you wanted more Mason Ho in your life

Is it possible that Mason Ho is this generation’s Tom Curren? Not in approach, necessarily, and certainly not in personality. But he still is, at least in terms of the sheer amount of kids who will grow up saying Mason Ho is their favorite surfer and because they cannot look away when they see a clip has Mason in it. I grew up watching Curren, and there hasn’t been another surfer since—Andy came closest—for whom I’d make sure that I saw every scrap of every bit of coverage I could find. Mason is like that. He’s also got that spark of Curren unpredictability. Is there any other surfer on earth more primed to be ripping on skimboards while wearing bizarre hats in their middle-aged years?

No. No there is not.

Anyway, here’s more Mason footage from Snapt3.