Our first look at Logan Dulien’s Snapt 3 came over a year ago, when we were putting together our cover feature for SURFER’s January 2017 Issue, titled ‘Out Of Bounds,’ which featured Bobby Martinez and Asher Pacey somewhere in Australia, packing remote sand-bottomed barrels. The surf was violent and gorgeous. Bobby called it “probably the best two days of surfing I’ve ever had in my life.” When we heard that the full session would play in Dulien’s forthcoming entry in the Snapt series, 14 years after the last film, we began to count down the days until the premiere in August.

“[The movie] is full part-based,” Logan told us in July. “It’s pretty much the same as Snapt 1 and Snapt 2, which were based off the old Taylor Steele movies, with a little bit of ...Lost vibes thrown in. We really wanted to keep things light and keep things fun, because that’s what I think has been lost in surf movies recently. Everything seems so serious these days.”

Behold Snapt 3, a high-performance feast starring the likes of Bobby, Asher, Mason, Bruce, Jack Robinson, Seth Moniz, and loads more. And we couldn’t agree more with Logan, or the film’s premise: put the best surfers in front of the lens, turn them loose, and good things are bound to happen.