SPICEiSLAND: Alex & Koa Smith

Two months and nine magical Indonesian islands

What do you you get when Alex and Koa Smith take to the Indonesian island chain during one of the best seasons to date? Barrels, barrels, and more barrels, but also a fair amount of ripping, carving, and punting, too. In this latest piece from the guys at LastNameFirst.tv, our envy for their ability to take a two-month hiatus from the real world to gallivant around Indonesia is very real. From the playful waves of Bali, where Alex carves with a silky-smooth style similar to that of the great A.I., to the cranking swell at Kandui, where Koa reaffirms his title as the “King of P.O.V.,” the Smiths left no rock unturned during the filming of SPICEiSLAND.