There may be nothing in the world quite as satisfying as meticulously planning a strike mission to a certain break, pulling the trigger and ending up with exactly the kind of kegging barrels that you had hoped for. O’Neill’s “Strike Missions” series is a celebration of that chase, and the rewards that come from doing your homework to put yourself in the right place, right time.

“This trip down was my third time to Bocas,” says Ian Crane, who clocked in plenty of tube time on the Panama trip. “Surfing that outer bombie is super tricky and scary. You are far off of land and there is nothing to line up with out there. The wave is super shifty and some sets break a lot further out, so you’re constantly thinking about getting caught inside. Then the wave itself is so wedged out that you have to take off behind the peak to get barreled and it’s moving so fast it’s hard to get in the right spot to make the drop.”

Along with Crane were Eli Olson and Timmy Reyes, who share the same dedication for scoring quality tubes, but also bring their own unique touch to riding them.

“Timmy and Crane are both so talented,” says Olson. “They have such different styles. Crane is definitely one of my favorite goofyfoot surfers to watch, and I feel like he has the sickest old-school-yet-new-school approach—he can do some mental carves with great form and then some crazy tweaked out air all on the same wave. Timmy is super smooth. I feel like he's been flying under the radar a bit as of late to dodge crowds, but he is definitely surfing as good as ever.”

Press play on the edit above to see some solid surfing from the trio in some truly mouth-watering barrels, and check out a few stills from the mission below.

Eli Olson, slotted for a captive audience.

Ian Crane, old-school flow on the open face, new-school flair when things get rampy.

Timmy Reyes, a true master of the well-timed strike mission.

Heavier than it appears, Ian Crane sets up pre-sandbar suckout.

It’s hard to go in when screamers like this are still right out the back.