There’s always been something special about surf shops. From the amalgamated scent of wax, new wetsuits and fresh boards to the intel on which local break is currently working best, where to get the best post-surf burrito in town and so much more, surf culture resides inside surf shops-that’s what makes them special. In Shop Chronicles, a web series, SURFER will be sharing the stories of iconic surf shops.

This episode takes us to a Right Coast surf staple drenched in history, New Jersey’s own Heritage Surf Shops. When founder Dan Heritage read an article about how to build his own surfboard in Popular Mechanics Magazine in the early 60s, he was hooked on surfing before the board was even glassed. Heritage’s self-shaped board may have broke during its first session, but his spirit for surfing didn’t and he ended up mastering the craft and opening a surf shop. Heritage Surf Shop has remained committed to keeping the Garden State frothed on riding waves for over 50 years, hit play to watch their story.