Tanner Gudauskas has been on an creative tear this year with feeding his newish hyper-visual artistic pet, “The Paradise Projects.” Between nailing clips of lofty straight airs and power-packed turns, Tanner’s been dabbling in photography, 16mm film, collage, stop-motion, paint and pretty much anything else creative.

Each episode of the Paradise Projects ties Tanner’s surfing and various artistic endeavors together with a tightly wrapped edit. The latest being “Shadowfax,” above, which happens to be the name of Middle-earth’s “Lord of all horses” and Gandalf the White’s main ride in “The Lord of the Rings.”  Just as Shadowfax the horse can run faster than the wind, Tanner’s board seems to have similar wizardly qualities under his feet in the edit bearing his name above.

Edited by Alex Kilauano