Last week while editing archived images, senior photographer Todd Glaser came across this unseen water footage from Taylor Knox’s birthday strike two years ago. Glaser, who seldom shoots water footage for some of Taylor Steele’s projects, tossed the GoPro on top his water-housing rig. The result is 60-seconds of wispy offshore Mexican beachbreaks featuring Taylor Knox and Dan Malloy.

“A couple of days before Taylor's (Knox) birthday, he saw a swell that looked promising for some of his favorite right-hand points in Central Mexico,” said Glaser. “He’d been in touch with Tom Curren who was already down there. Taylor called me, frothing at the idea of long right-hand points with good conditions and asked if anyone else would want to come along for a birthday score. I'd just seen Dan a couple of days prior in San Diego and thought it would be good fun for those two to share some waves together. It had probably been awhile since they'd been on a trip together. Seeing as they're both regular foots, they would be in surf heaven. Alex Gray came down for a day too. Taylor went back and forth between his traditional thruster and his bonzer. Dan had a bit more of an eclectic quiver consisting of finless boards and twin fins, but spent most of his time on a thruster. Originally, the idea was to surf the long, right points, but we ended up getting some really fun waves at the beach breaks that were surprisingly hollow.”