Temple of the …Lost Stone, Indo Driver Edition

The little board that can, and does

Feel that? The refreshing cool breeze enlivening an otherwise stale, stuffy room? No, it’s not an open window (Or maybe it is. You should check). It’s these delectable …Lost videos, lo-fi curveballs thrown at an otherwise hi-def and sterile surf vid landscape. This particular blast of fresh air features tiny Mason Ho on the tiny Indo Driver, …Lost’s mini-step-up type boards. But that’s not all! You also get Bruce Irons and Damien Hobgood plumbing the depths of Padang Padang’s finest. Barrels that is.

Would Mason and company schralp just as hard on pretty much any board in the …Lost lineup? Yup. Will you just because you pick up an Indo Driver? Probably not. But, shit, maybe. Who knows? Only one way to find out.