Halloween? More like Hollow-een. During the month of October some crazy barrel riding went down all over the world. From Pipeline awakening from hibernation to Western Australia absolutely firing, October tubed and surfers didn’t hesitate to pull in. Koa Rothman’s Teahupo’o spitter takes the top spot followed by Jack Robinson’s West Oz freight train.

There were a few lofty punts amongst the barrels too. Dion Agius sent a reverse into orbit and Brendon Gibbens’ tweaked-out straight air was the belle of the “Homebody” ball.

Hit play to watch October’s ten best clips above and click the links below to watch each clip’s full-length counter part below.

#1 Koa Rothman | Teahupo'o
Filmed by Ryan Moss

#2 Jack Robinson | Northwest Australia
Filmed by Mikey Mallalieu

#3 Heiarii Williams | Tahiti
Filmed by Brent Bielmann

#4 Koa Rothman| Pipeline
Filmed by Jack Germain

#5 Sheldon Simkus | Gold Coast, Australia
Filmed by Billy Lee Pope

#6 Chippa Wilson | Indonesia
Filmed by Dave Fox

#7 Brendon Gibbens | Western Australia
Filmed by Tom Jennings

#8 Josh Moniz | Pipeline
Video: Sam Sykes

#9 Dion Agius | Australia
Video: James Cambo

#10 Ian Crane|  Fiji
Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

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