Just as quickly as Waco’s short-interval wave machine is (or was) able to churn out perfected air sections, some filmer’s clip of a surfer punting away in the strangely blue pool drops. September was the zenith for pool stunt clips with many of the best aerialists in the world being Waco-bound for competition purposes.

However, Mother Nature, not one to be shown up, sculpted some heaving pits around the globe for brave surfers to tuck into. Specifically in Mexico, Ireland and South Africa in the compilation above.

But when John Florence’s silhouette materialized in that West Oz foam ball and then shot right through it like a bat out of hell in his edit, “Space,” it was the perfect balance of ungodly surfing talent and organic ocean energy. And, unquestionably, “The Clip of the Month.”

Enjoy the Top-10 clips above. Check out each clips’ credits and full-length counterparts in the links below and stay-tuned for next month’s all-killer no-filler clip recap.

#1 John John Florence | Western Australia
Filmed by Eric Knutson

#2 Balaram Stack | Ireland
Filmed by Andrew Kaineder

#3 Yago Dora | Surf Ranch
Filmed by Donald Miralle

#4 Nathan Florence | Puerto Escondido
Filmed by Jaciel Santiago

#5 Matt Meola | Waco
Filmed by Sam Moody

#6 Jamie O'Brien | Tahiti
Filmed by Damien Robertson

#7 Grant Twiggy Baker | South Africa
Filmed by Matthew Kleynhans

#8 Albee Layer | Waco
Filmed by Dan Norkunas

#9 Blair Conklin | Waco
Filmed by Sam Moody

#10 Brett Barley | Outer Banks, NC
Filmed by Jeffrey O’niel