Some of the most impressive surfing in December transpired at Hawaii’s heaviest breaks. Thanks to a series of large North Pacific swells that hammered Oahu and Maui last month, guys like Eli Olson, Russell Bierke, Billy Kemper and Nathan Florence pin-balled back and forth between Jaws and Pipeline: 25-foot tubes one day, 10-foot tubes the next. With fried nerves and tired arms, they managed to pack some of the waves of their lives, which you’ll find in the curated reel above.

Click play to watch the best 10 waves released online in December including, of course, the four absolute bombs tackled by the aforementioned chargers above.

1: Russell Bierke | Pe’ahi
Filmed by @7nine6

2: Billy Kemper | Pe’ahi
Filmed by @7nine6

3: Eli Olson | Pe’ahi
Filmed by @7nine6

4:Nathan Florence | Pe’ahi
Filmed by @7nine6

5: Kelly Slater | Backdoor
Filmed by WSL
6: Torren Martyn | Indonesia
Filmed by Ishka Folkwell

7: Mark Healey | Pipeline
Filmed by Shannon Reporting

8: Anthony Walsh | Pipeline
Filmed by Lucca Biot

9: Craig Anderson | Australia
Filmed by Jack Taylor

10:Miguel Tudela | Pipeline
Filmed by Cody Hammer

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