The Wake-Surf Challenge

Sebastian Zietz, Eric Geiselman, Noah Wegrich, and Jett Schilling take to the wake

We recently saw what happens when you pit a group of the world’s best surfers against one another in an artificial wave in the middle of Cow Country, California. So what happens when you pit highly-talented surfers against one another in the world’s most rippable wake? To find out, we brought four surfers — ‘CT-er Sebastian Zietz, freesurfers Eric Geiselman and Noah Wegrich, and super-grom Jett Schilling — to San Diego’s Mission Bay for a winner-take-all wake-surf battle, with the help of a state-of-the-art Mastercraft boat. Prefer rights or left? Take your pick — the boat creates both, meaning that there’s plenty of variation and performance possibilities. The rulebook for the competition was simple: Each competitor has four rides to rip, punt and slide behind the never-ending wake, with scores judged on the quality of their single-best maneuver. The surfer who came out on top left with an oversized check for $3,000 (which he promptly tried to surf behind the boat), and the contest was followed by hours of freewheeling wake surfing, with each surfer reaching deeper into their bag of tricks. Press play and check out the highlights from a wild day on the bay.