Here's a bit of trivia: Which famous surf-star landed the cover of 1962's Aug-Sept issue of The Surfer? Was it Australia's Midget Farrely? Miklos "Da Cat" Dora ? The very photogenic Mike Hynson?

In fact, all the real-life surfers of the early 60s boom period were slighted in favor of a then-18-year old Staff Cartoonist's fictional (though quite popular) surf-star, Murphy, who landed the coveted cover, hand-stalling on his way to a dry hair exit from a Crayola green tube.

Volume 3, Issue 3 of The Surfer is a good indication of the burgeoning cultural phenomenon that was Murphy, as a fair amount of ink is dedicated to Murphy and his creator Rick Griffin, who, in a portrait next to a short profile of the artist, looks relatively buttoned-up compared to the shaggy, bearded Hippy icon who'd soon be known to the world at large.

Beyond Murphy, like its predecessors, the third installment of the newly bi-Monthly publication features more gushing missives from readers (one who was "stoked out of his skull" on the increased frequency of publication), features on then-relatively uncharted territory (New Zealand, a Sunset Beach photo feature, North Narabeen, and, yes, more San Diego spots), and plenty of ads for the makers of the surf craft de rigueur—Hansen, Jacobs, Ten Toes, Hobie, Gordie, Dewey Weber, and more—sure to make those among us with a inclination for retro surf-ephemera salivate.

Dig in to the full issue above and watch more archive flip-throughs here.