Maybe because my handshape is currently my second-favorite board, this clip from the the Duct Tape event at Haleiwa last month during which pros rode handshaped boards from themselves and other pros really hits home. There is honestly nothing better than getting dirty in the shaping bay with a blank bullied into submission by your own clumsy, fumbling hands and some loud, vibrating power tools. Well, maybe a board made by a real shaper is better, sometimes, but still, the funkiness of shapes from people who don’t make boards professionally is somehow a breath of fresh air.

Anyway, that’s why the Vans Duct Tape Festival at Haleiwa this year was so awesome. Vans surfers made boards, brought them to the North Shore, the rest of the Vans team rode ’em, and then the boards stay there for kids to use. Brilliant, and very entertaining. Boards were from the likes of Dane Reynolds, Nathan Fletcher, Alex Knost, and Wade Goodall. Surfers like Michael February, the Gudauskas bros, Dylan Graves, Joel Tudor, and the shapers themselves went nuts on the handshaped sleds.

Watch, and get inspired to bang away on your own. You’ll love it.