This article was produced in partnership with MasterCraft Boats.

Back in November, a leaked clip from a shoot we were doing with MasterCraft started to sprout up all over the internet. It featured Dylan Goodale transferring over the hip of a boat wake, lofting a huge, stylish frontside reverse. Goodale’s aerial performance took place during a strike mission to a lake in Parker, Arizona, where we wanted to test out MasterCraft's new X-24 wake surfing boat—equipped with their fun-inducing Gen 2 Surf System—to find out how feasible it is to score legitimately rippable waves behind the motor of a boat.

We took Goodale, Frankie Harrer and Noah Wegrich along for the ride, and once the crew got their footing, we surprised them with a second trip to Lemoore, CA. Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch? Nope! We took them to a secret spot twice the size of and much wider than the Surf Ranch. That was when things really started getting interesting. The film above is a comprehensive look into our inland excursion and some of the fun waves we scored behind the boat. For a cool $125K, this too could be yours. Now all you need is a lake. Oh, and by the way, that Lemoore location is currently under wraps.