The surf comedy genre isn’t all that prevalent these days. In fact, there are basically only two people in the world who make consistently funny surf content. And, no, it’s not the guys from the WSL’s “Get Sent” — it’s the two cheeky Englishmen who make up Two Eyes Film, Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce. If you’ve seen their 2015 mockumentary masterpiece, “Freezing”, then you already know their brand of dry, poignant comedy that pokes fun at aspects of surf culture that you may have raised an eyebrow at already (if you missed that one, do yourself a favor and watch it here). Their latest offering, “The Outrider”, is in much the same vein. “The Outrider” tells the story of an aging, cynical, downtrodden shaper named Mike Strident, who has been asked by hipper-than-thou freesurf star Tommy Tonata to begrudgingly revive a design that made Strident famous some 30 years ago. It’s an odd couple comedy that resonates because it so perfectly captures the types of characters we’re already familiar with in the surf world, and pushes those archetypes to their logical extremes. So kick your feet up, press play above and enjoy the rare bird that is a smart and truly funny surf comedy film.