Watch Footage Of Young Kelly Slater On The North Shore

And at the 1990 Body Glove Surf Bout at Lower Trestles

Some investments turn into bonafide fortunes years down the road, only to the bitter regret of everyone else who missed out. Starbucks. Apple. Saint Archer. We slap ourselves upside the forehead for overlooking prospective talent. So ask yourself this: Were you to watch this mid-eighties footage of a young Kelly Slater — a head full of hair, asserting his bronze, wiry frame into Pacific wedges–would you sign the check to put the kid on your team? Narrated by Herbie Fletcher, the latest episode of The Thrill Is Back unearths some classic footage from Kelly’s gromhood, both on the North Shore and at the 1990 Body Glove Surf Bout at Lower Trestles, his professional kickoff point. Could all you armchair talent scouts spot the GOAT?