The men’s portion of the 2017 Quiksilver Pro France kicked off today in Hossegor, in dreamy, albeit a bit wonky, 4- to- 6 foot surf on the outside bar at La Graviere. With France, you never know what sort of waves you’re going to get. From throaty tubes a few feet off the beach, to pointbreak-esque lefts, the conditions for the event vary drastically from year-to-year, and sometimes even from day-to-day, with France’s massive tides and constantly changing conditions.

In 2004, 14 years ago, Andy Irons won his third straight world title, helped by his victory in France over younger brother Bruce. Andy won the Quik Pro three years running (2002, 2003, 2004), and each time, the waves were remarkably different, which makes his dominance even more impressive. For this week’s throwback, we’re revisiting that 2004 event, which still stands as one of the best Quik Pros of all time. 8-foot solid, open faces, top-to-bottom tubes—2004 scored. With solid swell and nice weather stacking on the charts, let’s hope 2017 sees something similar.