“The Eddie”, in memory of Eddie Aikau, was created back in 1984, but has only run nine times since its inception. That’s how rare a full-day of 20-foot plus Waimea actually is.

Last week saw a swell slam Oahu that was almost big enough to run The Eddie for a 10th time. But, with the energy peaking overnight, it wasn’t to be. Still, it stirred our nostalgia, and got us thinking about our favorite recent Eddie: The 2004 event, won by Bruce Irons.

Since the turn of the century The Eddie has happened four times, but the 2004 event has to be the most memorable. Up against brother Andy, Slater, and Dorian in the final in pumping 25-foot Waimea, Bruce dominated, finishing on a perfect 100 point wave that will forever stand as one of the most complete and iconic rides in Eddie history. (Rumor has it Bruce and Andy had a physical altercation the night before the event, adding another layer of allure and folklore to an already impressive day.)

This week’s throwback clip features The Eddie section from The Bruce Movie. It has us hoping there’s another Eddie-sized swell somewhere on the horizon.

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