Throwback Clip Of The Week: Andy Irons In “Campaign”

If only we could see him surfing today

During the Snapper webcast, the WSL revisited Mick Fanning’s last win on the Gold Coast, which was, surprisingly, way back in 2007. Mick’s surfing then, while still amazing, paled in comparison to what he’s doing today. His board looked too long. His turns not nearly as critical. It was a reminder of just how far surfing has come in 10 years.

And then there’s this: Andy Irons’ section, from Campaign, released way back in 2003. It’s all from a single boat trip to Indonesia for TransWorld Surf. This was the first ever all-digital magazine trip, and a young Dane Reynolds would end up gracing the cover afterwards, shot by Brian Bielmann, with the word, “Modernism.” Crazy how we’ve gone from film to digital to video framegrabs (even if we aren’t all the way there yet) in just over a decade. But that’s neither here nor there. Back to Andy. This section showcases him as we remember him: Powerful, confident, and ripping the shit out of every single wave. It’s timeless surfing. But after stumbling upon this, I couldn’t help but think: If Andy were still with us today, what sort of surfing would he be doing?