Throwback Clip Of The Week: The Best Of TearDevils

A 25-minute mashup of the masterful three-part '90s series

The TearDevils Trilogy, released over the course of three years in the late ’90s, came at a time when our “sport” took itself much less seriously. A time when Kelly Slater was the best and nobody else was even close. A time when comedy and mischief meshed quite well with surf.

The series, created by Jesse Schluntz, featured a wide cast of characters and locations, from Slater to Chris Cote, from Pipeline to Seaside Reef. Thinking back, it may have even been the inspiration for Cote and crew to start Transworld Surf in 2001 — after all, TearDevils was basically a video blueprint proving you could totally mix high performance surfing with lighting your farts on fire.

It’s quite the dichotomy from the WSL and Former and everything John John Florence. Not better, not worse…just different. To honor the cult classic, Jesse put together this 25-minute highlight featuring his favorite moments from the TearDevils films. If you like a bit of ’90s nostalgia, you’ll definitely enjoy this, especially if you’ve spent any time in North County, San Diego.