As a surf fan, you want the world title to come down to Pipeline. After a long season, it’s anti-climatic otherwise. And this year that’s exactly what’s happening. The title will be decided in a few days time, with John Florence as the frontrunner, while Gabe Medina, Jordy Smith and Julian Wilson hang on to hope.

While it’s nice to see the showdown come down to the wire, John still has a healthy lead on the pack, and as long as he makes the final, the title is his, regardless of whether or not Medina is his opponent if/when he gets there.

Which got us thinking: When was the last time the world title came down to the final heat of the final event, winner take all?

The answer is this week’s throwback clip of the week, from 2003, when Andy Irons faced off against Kelly Slater (along with Cory Lopez and Joel Parkinson, as the ASP still used the 4-man format back then) in the final.

And we all know how that turned out. Revisit, above.