Throwback Clip Of The Week: Revisiting The 2006 Rip Curl Search

Was this the best 'CT event of all time?

On the eve of the Corona J-Bay Open, which (at least for now) is showing a promising weekend forecast, we got to thinking: as far as wave quality goes, what stands as the best ‘CT of all time? While it’d be hard to unanimously agree on any one event, and Pipe, Teahupo’o and Cloudbreak would get multiple votes for multiple epic years, it’s hard to look past the 2006 Rip Curl Search at Barra, for two reasons: The shock factor of watching the best surfers in the world compete at a then-relatively unknown wave, and the relatable, mind-numbing perfection of a 4- to- 6-foot, non-life-threatening sand point. And in Mexico, no less. Check out Taj Burrow’s triple tube at 0:56. It’s gotta be one of the longest right tubes anyone has ever gotten in competition.

As an aside, it’s a bummer that Barra—at least in this form—no longer exists, due to the way development changed the flow of sand. We may never see another ‘CT held at a point in waves this good. Unless, of course, the Tour decides to try to run an event in Namibia. Wouldn’t you like to see this on the 2018 Tour?