Are we over-thinking surfboard design? Definitely not. But the 60 seconds above will make you wonder, for an extremely brief second, how relevant a shaper is as you watch Timmy Curran get slotted on a blank untouched by planer. This type of stuff can cause a minor surfboard existential crisis– “Do the details like volume, bottom contour, and foil on my board even matter?” Yeah, of course.

Then there’s the whole “pro surfers are so good that they can rip on a door if they wanted to” argument. Which is definitely the case with Curran. Those barrels probably would’ve been a little deeper, turns a little harder and waves finished off with a signature Curran punt had that blank been touched by a master’s hand. But seeing some un-mowed foam go is still damn interesting to watch.

Check out Hawaii shaper Matty Raynor do the glassed-but-raw blank experiment with a quad setup in the short below too. If anything, the glassed blanks seem to have effortless glide, especially under the feet of Daniel Jones, Andrew Jacobson and Ulu Boy.