Last month, Torren Martyn was cruising around his home in Byron Bay when he saw an extra-charged blob spiral toward Indo. “It was a total strike mission,” Martyn told us yesterday over the phone. “The swell had a lot of energy behind it and was super south, so I thought Nias would be a good option.” Martyn, a close mate, and filmer Alessio Saraifoger quickly packed their boardbags and headed to Lagundri Bay–a surf destination located at the top of any surfer’s bucket list and a place where Martyn can flex his stylish abilities. When they arrived, they were met by a good-sized swell rifling down the point’s famed reef. A few days into their trip, the fun swell quickly morphed into a huge-sized swell, and suddenly, Martyn found himself in the water with just a few guys out, charging 8 to 10-foot waves. The waves continued throughout the entire week, marking the first big swell to hit Nias this year. The result of Martyn’s last-minute excursion was this 10-minute video of Martyn chasing both playful and heavy righthand tubes on his favorite go-to twin fin.