It’s interesting to see how a surfer gets drawn to a certain type of board design and ultimately base the majority of their surf experience around riding it. It becomes captivating when a surfer applies their affinity for a specific craft to a wave he or she connects with. In “A Short Story About a Long Session in Indonesia” Torren Martyn carves and threads stretching Desert Point lines on a 5’4″ moon-tailed twinny.

Martyn describes Deserts as, “one of those places, wave quality aside, that I really enjoy spending my own time at, reading, thinking, early mornings and early nights just really simple living. I find the ocean there so unpredictable and mesmerizing that I can sit and just about stare at the ocean all day and never really know what’s going to happen next.” This type of love for a specific surf spot, combined with Martyn’s obvious preference for the fish (as evidenced by its omnipresence in Martyn’s previous edits), make for an entrancing short.