No one does #VanLife like Torren Martyn. For the majority of the year, the stylish twin-finner takes residence in a trailer amongst the lush hills of Byron Bay, and whenever the hell he feels like it, he jumps in his other van to explore the wild coastline that is Australia. It’s envious, really. But Martyn’s the type of humble dude that makes you want to follow in his footsteps.

In Surfstich’s new edit, “A Sense of Space,” above you’ll get a peek into Martyn’s blissful life in New South Wales, and then you’ll follow him to the wild, desolate shores of West Oz, where Martyn’s puts on a display of fancy footwork inside a draining lefthander. Hit play and enjoy 15 minutes of living vicariously through Martyn.

Filmed by Ishka Folkwell.