Crashes and Burns, SURFER’s ode to the classic wipeout reel once omnipresent in surf cinema, is back and features Maui’s infamous Jaws in the latest episode. Watch the hard-charging approaches to Pe’ahi’s heavies go horribly wrong in footage accumulated over the last two years.

Gasp at big wave greats Bianca Valenti, Torrey Meister, Albee Layer, Aaron Gold, Jamie Mitchell, Tom Dosland, Lucas Chumbo, Kona Johnson, Cliff Kapono, Lucas Chumbo, Pedro Scooby, Josh Redman, Torrey Meister, Alex Botello, Francisco Porcella, Tosh Peila, Paige Alms, Albee Layer and Lapo Coutinho’s not so greatest moments above.

Filmed by Dan Norkunas

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