With Volcom’s team houses sitting smack dab in the epicenter of the surfing universe, it makes perfect sense that they’d drop one of the best Hawaii winter reels of the year, featuring the all-star cast including Balaram Stack, Yago Dora, Noa Deane, Gavin Beschen, Kaimana Henry, Kalani Chapman, Mitch Coleborn, Coco Ho and many more (for a truly remarkable cameo, flip to the 1:47 mark and see Dusty Payne manhandling a lengthy tube at Backdoor, the very same wave where he nearly lost his life just last year). This 11-minute edit ping pongs between hi-fi shredding at some of the more rippable North Shore peaks and white-knuckle foamball wrangling at Pipe and Backdoor. The heavy tubes are of course the star, as is always the case when it comes to this stretch of storied sand.