The preferred podcast for shred heads, wax heads, kooks and barneys has transcended the audio medium and is ready to light up your retinas like Jed Smith’s synapses after a handful of gold caps.

For the first video episode of the beloved Australian pod, Smith and co-host Vaughan Blakey meet in the official “Ain’t That Swell” doomsday bunker, replete with bongs, energy-harnessing mandala fabrics and a big cardboard cutout of Mark Occhilupo circa 1985ish (so, yeah, pretty much exactly what you would have pictured). Somewhere in the mix is surf film mastermind Wade Goodall and a very Antifa-provocateur-looking Surfcore2001.

The fellas cover a lot of ground in the episode, including the brutal skunking that plagued the early days of filming for “Pentacoastal“, a buoy at P-Pass that became the Wilson from “Castaway” to Goodall’s Tom Hanks, how Goodall’s shove-it variation and a 2000s Billabong surf film got the name “Passion Pop”, and oh so much more. As the ATS crew are wont to do, they keep things loose, and the result is one of the most interesting interviews you’ll likely get with one of surfing’s most dynamic characters.

Oh, and if you make it to the B-side, you’ll see an interview with yours truly in a new segment on American surf news and culture called “Murica”. Did they score it with the song from “Team America: World Police”? Of course they did. Give ‘er a watch, and click here if you’re inclined to throw a few bucks in support of the fine work the ATS lads are doing.

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