After a month long lockdown, Tahiti re-opened its surf access in mid-May just in time for the first pumping swell of the season at Teahupo’o (you can watch the highlights from that stellar run here). Not 2 weeks later, and Chopes has already one-upped itself, this time with a bigger and meaner swell. And, with international travel restrictions still in place, it’s still locals only at the end of the road. Click play above to watch Gilbert Teave, Vahine Fierro, Arenui Parker, Eimeo Czermak, Haumana O’Connor, Matahi Drollet and Niuhi Marere throw themselves off 10-foot ledges, with varying degrees of success, all heroic nonetheless. Speaking of Teave, the 14-year-old once again manhandled a pair of Chopes beasts, showing skill and bravado so far beyond his age it almost doesn’t even make sense.

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