Most South African wave chasers feel right at home in West Oz. Both places are raw, rugged and filled with sharks. Back in March, just before COVID, SA ripper Shane Sykes traveled to WA with filmer/director Michael Veltman to film a section for his “Reach” series. This beautifully shot and edited 5-minute piece is the result of their collaborative efforts. “We woke up in the dark every morning,” says Veltman. “With coffee travel mugs in hand, we drove the coastline checking every spot and doing our best to make the right call on where to surf that day. On that stretch of coast, it’s so easy to just drive around for hours and miss the right window for the best waves. We’d often get to our chosen spot, paddle out, just to have the shark alarm go off and the boys be chased out the water.” Fortunately for Sykes and Veltman, they nailed a few windows of pumping surf at WA’s most notorious slabs in-between shark scares. It’s not often you see a non-local score a 6-foot slab at North Point like the one that ends this clip.

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