Watch: Damien Hobgood In “The Luminary”

The full Damo edit from his "Under The Influence" trip to Indonesia

When Damien Hobgood took Kyuss King, Jett Schilling, Jackson Bunch and Wyatt McHale to Indonesia, he offered them insight and advice on everything from technique to positioning in big surf, and he made it clear to everyone that the trip was not about him.

Except, inherently, it kind of was.

Not in the sense that he was trying to get clips or photos. Because he wasn’t. In fact, he gave away more waves than he caught and even asked not to be included in the edit with the kids. But that’s just Damien’s humility speaking.

Sure, Damien is retired from the CT and his own career may not be as important to him as it once was, but he’s still one the best in the world to watch. A surfing luminary. And not just for the kids.

Click play above to see what Damien can do with a week in Indo. And mind you, these waves (minus a few on the big day at Lakey Peak when only Damien wanted a piece of the sets) are pretty much all scraps.