Odds are Germany has never been on your bucket list of “places to surf one day.” But after watching the newest episode of “Weird Waves” above, you might be tempted to add it. I wouldn’t place it above Tavarua or Indo or anything–but boy does the Eisbach River produce a couple of fun-looking sections.

For the last episode of the season, “Weird Waves” host Dylan Graves and good friend Tanner Gudauskas travel to Munich to visit the Eisbach River and to get a little insight into the surf culture surrounding the spot. They hang with local Tao Schirrmacher who was the first to land a 360 shuvit on a surfboard, they find out just how crowded (and localized) an obscure river wave can get and, believe it or not, they find out that Kelly Slater was once barred from surfing the spot. Which is just hilarious.

Press play and enjoy the final episode of Season 1 of Weird Waves