In this interview, Occy clumsily eats a pork tamale like a burrito. It’s bizarrely compelling. Which is basically a metaphor for the entire Occ-Cast series. He’s making this up as he goes along, conducting interviews in his own way, and it just works.

I thought Occ’s interview with Curren was the best of the series, but THIS interview with Christian Fletcher is the best. Fletcher is lucid, pretty well-spoken and unafraid to say whatever he thinks. These characteristics are always the makings of a good interview. He also clearly likes Occy and the two of them talk about doing crossovers together at Snapper and maybe going on a surf trip. I’d pay good money to watch either of those things happen.

Fletcher opines here on sobriety (“I wouldn’t say I’m sober”), Donald Trump (“I love Donald Trump”), surfing Pipe at night (“It’s just me and the sharks”) and the blandness of the tour pro athlete.

It’s a must watch.