One of the knocks on hipster culture–and there are many–is that behind the stylized and retrofitted trappings of the so-called “try-hard” lot, lies little in the way of substance–or novelty, for that matter. But while this new edit from Seth Conboy has some of the aesthetics one might identify with the cultural movement author Mark Spitz calls “twee”–namely: a title that seems plucked from one of those name-generating websites, footage run through an inkwell-ish filter, and a modern punk/HC soundtrack–the Jersey-native’s “Sepia Latitude” is a short, punchy, and unquestionably substantive clip.

Filmed by a cadre of friends and edited by the multifarious Conboy himself (he’s a graphic designer, illustrator, and, clearly, shredding surfer), the “Sepia Latitude” is roughly 90 seconds of the young creative furiously boosting above and tunneling through Jersey wedges and tubes, respectively. So if you’re looking to knock the youth down a peg, look elsewhere. But, if a palatable dose of East Coast surfing and a well-made short is what you crave, hit play above.