Forty-six years young and Taylor Knox is still dropping must-watch edits. A few months ago, his Bonzer thesis “Wi-5” was released and today we’ve been gifted “Apply Pressure”. But Knox has been putting out quality parts for almost 3 decades, blowing minds with his sharp rail work since Taylor Steele’s 1991 generation-defining film “Momentum”. After watching “Apply Pressure,” it becomes very clear that there is no reason to quit focusing a camera on his surfing.

Knox’s ability to put out banger edits each year is a result of a rather straightforward philosophy about surfing. “My surfing philosophy is really simple: go fast and turn hard,” Taylor said in a brief chat about his new edit. “Give me something I can do that on.” As evidenced in “Apply Pressure,” his shaper Chris Borst of Borst Designs has provided that “something.”

“This is the first thumbtail board I’ve ever had in my life,” Knox said. As you’ll see in the edit above, Knox puts the thumbtail to the test in San Diego beach breaks, Mexican points, and even in the wave pool at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch. Thankfully talented filmmaker Sam Moody was there to capture the magic and put it to some good tunes (especially during the wave pool segment).

“I take pride in consistently dropping video parts–that’s always been where my passion lies,” Knox said.