These days, on every 8-foot swell that hits Teahupo’o, there’s a pack of local teens mixing it up with all of the established vets. And it’s not like the up-and-coming contingent is just out there to say they paddled out. No. They’re a wild pack of absolute animals, sending it over the ledge on any wave that looks remotely makeable. Check out exhibit A: Eimeo Czermak. This 17-year-old is a maniac at Chopes, and he’s quickly becoming one of the best out there, despite barely being old enough to legally drive a car in the States. Similar to a young John Florence, Czermak is able to casually toy with the drop on backless Chopes bombs and stand tall in the face of literal danger. While this entire edit is full of wildly impressive surfing, the final wave, at 3:18, is one of the most well-ridden waves to go down at Teahupo’o this season.

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