We’re lucky enough to live in an age where we can easily access swell and wind models to plan a relatively last-minute surf trip. Unfortunately–as Torren Martyn found out on a recent strike mission to South East Asia–no forecasting system is entirely foolproof. Surfers will always run the risk of getting skunked.

Martyn and his filmer Ishka Folkwell had their eyes glued on a specific reef-laden stretch of The Philippines for awhile. After tracking a specific swell in December, the duo decided to finally pull the trigger and cross their fingers for some tropical tubes. The swell was predicted to be 7-10 foot, the winds offshore and cooperative. But just after they arrived, nature decided she didn’t care about anyone’s plans. A powerful category 1 typhoon named Vinta formed off the southern coast of the country, causing landslides, flooding and widespread panic.

"I'd never really traveled somewhere with weather patterns that unpredictable and I've never seen a forecast change so dramatically,” said Martyn. He and Ishka were only able to venture outdoors for a couple long sessions–enough to make the edit above. Not many people can make two sessions into a banger of a clip, but Martyn and his fun, alt-shapes sure can.