When surfing the Severn Bore in England, every wave is a party wave. Surfers drop in and pullout as the bore snakes through the Shire-esque countryside. A bore barrel is a bridge–they’re almost always double overhead and call for soul arching when passing under. The standard performance board is an 8′ plus tanker, often with a fin mangled by run-ins with the river’s rocks. And, as Severn Bore local Steve King explains, “We base a good ride in miles rather than the quality of the wave.”

Aside from these not so subtle differences from your traditional surf spot, Dylan Graves finds the same thing in Epney, England that he does at all the “Weird Waves” he visits; a thriving surf scene. Hit play to watch Graves and a whole bunch of new friends forego a double-decker bus and hitch a ride on the Severn tidal bore miles up river. You take your car to work, they’ll take the bore.

This is what coming out of the barrel looks like on the River Severn.

The mark of a Severn Bore surfing beast.

When it comes to bore surfing, the more the merrier.

No sunscreen, no problem. Seb Smart lubes up with a dollop of pure River Severn mud.

Party waving.

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