Throughout his career, Dylan Graves has made a name for himself charging perfect, kegging tubes in tropical locales like Hawaii and various islands of the Caribbean. But as much as Graves loves a perfectly-shaped barrel, he also has a hard time resisting the exciting novelty of a not-so-normal wave.

A couple years ago, Graves started filming a new series called “Weird Waves,” in which he traveled to places like Wyoming and Texas to find the most bizarre, unconventional waves in the U.S. In the first episode, Graves and crew went to Wyoming to surf a river rapid, and in the second, they jetted off to Texas to surf the wake of a barge. Now, after a short break, Graves is releasing the third episode, which features Graves, the Gudauskas brothers, Gerry Lopez(!) and Hoonie Scott getting funky on the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon. Press play and enjoy some landlocked shredding.

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