A group of surfers, whom both you and I have never heard of, appeared to get the score of a lifetime during a whopping 37 day excursion to the desert of Northwestern Australia. It’s all documented above in what might possibly be the greatest Australian home surf video of all time, “Desert Blue.” The film is a half hour tube fest of perfectly reeling lefthanders, one after the other. Why go back to civilization at all? It looks like the only thing that may have drawn them out of that tube-rich desert was the freight train of a wave snapping all their boards.

If the crystal blue barrels, bountiful fishing and breaching whales aren’t convincing enough of how paradisiacal West Oz is, then let the fact that there’s a radio station broadcasting on AM 666, that’s “always playing the best tunes ever,” be the icing on the cake that tips the scale.

“Desert Blue” features Jake Edwards, Nick Muntz, Jack Chalis and Josh Cattlin. Filmed and edited by Billy Cervi, Michael Tartaglia, Nick Muntz and Jack Ogrady.