And just like that, with a flick of the switch, West Oz comes alive. Our latest Amp Sessions edit features Brad Norris, Dan Corbett, Jake Osman, Henry Davies, Tim Westwood, Dan Ryan and James Hicks at The Right in Western Australia. Filmed by Ben Hodge, this latest edit puts you right in the channel as the crew tows into bomb after bomb.

According to filmmaker Mikey Mallalieu, there’s more where this came from. Millalieu’s currently in West Oz working on Noa Deane’s film and reported that the last five days have been produced heaps of clips. Maybe we’ll see a couple sneak peeks next week? Doubtful, but we’ll definitely bring you something from the firing zone within the next seven days. As for now, enjoy the latest of The Right’s heaving slab from the safety of your computer screen.