Exclusive: When Earth Freezes Over

Dane and Tanner Gudauskas search for surf along 
Iceland’s frigid coastline

“For every story you hear about someone going on a surf trip to Iceland and scoring, there are 10 people who have been skunked there,” Dane Gudauskas told SURFER managing editor Ashtyn Douglas about the sinister odds of getting good waves on an Icelandic strike mission. Just because surf exploration to the nordic island has reached a high in the last few years doesn’t bump its success rate any. But on a wintertime trip with filmmaker Ben Weiland, Dane and Tanner Gudang looked for a pay-off with a cold price: a valley that, beyond a barren fjord only traversable by snowmobile, carried serious wave potential. “It's so desolate, these places you're checking,” Dane says. “You don't know if they're real waves or not. It could just be your imagination. You see a little glimpse of it. Maybe the tide isn’t quite right, or the wind, or the swell…We had lost all hope of anything coming together at all.”

Weiland’s new film, Earth, follows the two Gudauskas brothers on their search for an original adventure in the Land of Fire and Ice. “This landscape is so incredibly powerful,” continues Dane. “It taps into something in your core. It's on a deeper level. You feel completely humbled, tiny, and small. There's something exciting about that.”