In 2018, Canadian filmmaker Nate Laverty released “Transition”, a 30-minute film documenting Noah Cohen’s quest to represent Canada in the 2020 Olympics. Beautifully shot, and cold-water centric, it introduced us to one of British Columbia’s most talented up-and-coming surfers. Now, with the Games postponed due to COVID, and Cohen’s quest for Olympic inclusion still ongoing, Laverty is about to release “Transition 2”. This 4 1/2 minute clip is pulled directly from the upcoming film. Featuring Cohen, alongside fellow Canadian ripper Hanna Scott and Santa Cruz shredder Noah Wegrich, this particular section is shot along snow-covered coastlines while the trio score frigid-looking beachbreaks. Can you imagine trying to maintain any semblance of style while surfing in 40-degree water? We can’t. But for these three, frigid water is apparently just a frame of mind.

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