Cheers! The weekend is here and so is another section from “Winter Out West,” SURFER’s new full-length film directed by Tom “Jenno” Jennings. Part 2 is an archived collection of the best slabs North Point has delivered over the past two years. Expert cavern dwellers Jack Robinson, Jay Davies and a slew of local legends serve a three course meal in slab-sledding navigation.

The full-length film stars John Florence, Creed McTaggart, Jay Davies, Dillon Perillo, Jack Robinson, Ry Craike, Taj Burrow, Jacob Willcox and a crew of locals surfing the many slabs and ramps that pepper Western Australia’s wave-rich coastline.

If you’d like to watch “Winter Out West” in full, it is now available for purchase on Vimeo On Demand here and iTunes here.