Do filthy, nasty barrels get you hot and bothered? Make you blush a little? If so, you may want to watch this clip in private, with a cold towel and a fan handy. It's plate stacked high with chunky, meaty tubes being devoured by some of West Australia's chargingest locals and pros, including Jay Davies, Dino Adrian, Jack Robinson, and Kerby Brown, among others.

This is part 10 of Surfer's latest full-length feature film “Winter Out West.” Over the years director Tom "Jenno" Jennings has filmed the world's best aerialists boosting off West Oz's ramps and pulling into the slabbiest of barrels. If you’d like to watch “Winter Out West” in full, it's now available for purchase here.

More about “Winter Out West” director Tom “Jenno” Jennings: Tom “Jenno” Jennings calls the rugged coastline of West Oz home, and like most winters, he spent his last few driving up and down its 1000-mile coastline, sleeping in his car, eating meat pies, and relying on the surf for a shower. One day he'd be in the far southwest filming Jack Robinson in 8-to-10 foot tubes at North Point, and the next he’d be 12 hours north, swimming underneath scary slabs with Ry Craike and the desert crew filming with the heaviest of water housings with nothing but a pair of fins to keep his body afloat.