Welcome to “Wish You Were Here," a new Surfer YouTube series. Each episode will be an in-depth look into the very best surf zones at their most ideal conditions-filmed by the best cinematographers in our industry and scored to tunes taken straight off the crew’s playlist. Our goal is to get you psyched on planning your next surf vacation.

“Wish You Were Here” is the first of many new Surfer YouTube series' scheduled for release this spring. Each series will bring you more of the video content you love the most: surfboards, travel, timely swell-based scores and more.

For now, enjoy this little 60-second teaser from "Wish You Here: Panama" featuring Balaram Stack, Luke Davis, Jake Kelley and Oliver Kurtz. The full edit launches tomorrow at noon. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel here, you can get notifications on all our latest video uploads, so go subscribe!