How do you create the antithesis of a sensory deprivation float tank? For starters, build a wave pool with a ramp section so perfect that it might as well pick up a surfer and lob them into the air, crank it to an 11 and then toss some smoke bombs and strobe lights into the mix.

That’s exactly what …Lost Surfboards did when they sent team riders Yago Dora, Mason Ho and Michael Rodrigues to Waco to create the most sensory overloading, psychedelic pool session ever.

Dora, the 2018 Red Bull Airborne France Champion, gets wild on the Texas trampoline. He unwinds and spins like a gyroscope as soon as he leaves the lip for some technical, stylish and damn futuristic surfing.

Photographer Michael Muller, whose shutter has fluttered for professional sports A-listers, Hollywood elites and his personal muse—big ass great white sharks—engineered the technicolor night surf. For an interview with Muller, about the shoot, click here.

SURFER recently rang up Dora to talk about the Waco trip above, click here to read.