Zack Flores is still in his teens and he’s already nudging near a decade of shaping experience. In the edit above, Flores savors every second of tunnel vision in a few closeouts on a mid-length (some switch-stanced), goes fishing and trims a log– all on self-made craft as versatile as his surfing. For more about Flores and his surfing/shaping ethos, watch SURFER’s latest film, “Handmade,” here.

The edit above is ironically filmed in 4k by surf photographer Tatsuo Takei. Takei is known for handcuffing himself to obsolete camera gear used by golden era photo legends like Ron Stoner and LeRoy Grannis in the 60s. Click here for selects from Takei’s beautiful photo book, “Authentic Wave.”

Video produced by NobodySurf.